What is WordPress

WordPress is just a software to build various website or blog and publishing on the internet. It is also called Content Management System or CMS. It is free and open-source software that means there are thousands of software engineers, they are working on  everyday to make it better and better. Wordpress is developed by PHP and MySQL.

what is wordpress
WordPress CMS

WordPress was first released on May 27 in the year 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress is released under the GPL.

Now a days, WordPress is become the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) which is used by approximately 75 million websites. As WordPress CMS is free and open-source, so it is free to download, install, deploy, and upgrade.

Popularity of CMS

Let’s discuss with some key features why WordPress has become the most popular CMS.


WordPress is designed in a way that without any coding experience any people can work with this. It makes the development process very easy. Just go to the wordpress website, download the latest version of wordpress and install, that’s it. And the installation process is also very easy which will be discussing in later section.


WordPress is too flexible; you can create different types of website like a Blog or personal website, company or corporate website, an online news portal, a personal and professional portfolio, an e-commerce website,  a government website,  a photo blog , even and online forum or community. You can build your website with different type of themes and it can be extent with related plugins.

Theme Customization:

The most attractive feature in wordpress is Theme customization. Users are able to install theme and also switch between different themes. Themes allow users to change the layout, color, font size, image and various functionality of a WordPress website without any programming skills. There are 11000+ themes available in WordPress repository and thousands of themes are also available in different paid platform such as template monster, theme forest etc.


The word Plugins comes from the word “plug-in” which means a plug-in module or plug-in software.  WordPress plugins are basically some extended feature or functionality which not in with the core system. Whenever we need some additional functionality we can use plugins.  There are 54000+ plugins available in WordPress repository which offers some custom feature and functionality.